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About us

We are one of the best companies offering reliable towing services that you can count on. We address all your needs through optimization. Services we offer;

Servicing car batteries: Our company can change your car battery. We remove the dead battery and replace it with a new battery for your car.

Car tire servicing: Our towing company repairs flat tires and fixes tires to ensure you have a safe and sound ride.

All-distance towing: Our services include both long and short-distance towing. No need to worry anymore; we will reach you wherever you are!

Removing junk cars: Our company removes old cars that might be obstacles for you to overcome. We have tow trucks that are licensed to carry them away for you. All you need to do is reach us today for quality services.

Car starting services: Our towing company reaches you and helps you solve issues of cars that need to start.

Emergency road servicing: We have both motorcycles towing, and truck towing that are used to address emergencies whenever they come about.

Why select our towing services?

Experience: Our company comprises highly trained personnel. We are equipped with knowledge regarding all areas of service delivery. Our company has served our customers better than our competitors, who might still need more qualified personnel.

Efficiency and effectiveness: Our company operates around the clock (24 hours). We also ensure that your waiting time is lessened, as we always arrive promptly.

Improved online technology: We are a company that embraced globalization long enough. Our clients can reach us through phone calls or even online applications, as our online forms exist. Filling out the form online is the only thing you do, and you are sure to be reached. We ensure you walk no more, looking for service providers.

Freedom of choice: The customer decides on the method of reaching the company. No restrictions are made to clients, and all are working perfectly.

Our company can accommodate any challenge. We serve diverse ranges of customers; hence our team of expertsare best suited for towing services. Serving you brings us contentment!

We serve all types of vehicles – Our company deals with private vehicles, public transport buses, and vans. We are not selective at all. Therefore, contact us today!